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Simone Field

Simone started following Jesus, aged 20, after being cajoled into attending a church service at Riverview Church with a friend. Her life has never been the same.

Simone leadership is exercised through prayer and intercession; through actively praying for people at The Big Table, and by responding to needs within the community. She is a champion of our children in Little Tables and passionate about teaching and growing them towards a saving knowledge of Jesus. Simone has learned that she cannot begin to imagine the plans God has in store for her future, nor can fully understand the love and joy Jesus has for His church. She loves seeing that truth come alive for others.

Simone has an adventurous heart. It has taken her to China and Peru, following God’s leading. In Christ, she has experienced incredible joy and pain, yet with the strong assurance that God is leading her, sheltering her and caring for her in each moment. She has mourned an unborn child and walked with post-natal depression, and lived the joy of bearing children who will grow up in a household dedicated to God. Simone is fervent, diligent in discerning God’s direction, wisdom, love and grace.

This writing thing is another part of her adventure. Like many adventures with God, she’s not fixed on where it’s heading so long as it’s a journey marked by God’s grace as she follows Jesus.