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Sarah Oliva

Sarah began following Jesus on November 15, 1998. She was 19 years old when she met Jesus in an intimate and personal way. After seeking the truth for a long time, Sarah met Truth, personified.

She made The Big Table her community of faith because of the liberty she enjoys to discover her identity in Christ, to find encouragement to flourish and encourage others to flourish. Her biblical understanding of church, is of a body of believers who live for Jesus, not tradition, and seek to know Him and actively live as He calls us.

Sarah has been equipped to teach and encourage others to grow in the knowledge and understanding of His Word. Her strong pastoral giftings equip her to grow the body of Christ by nurturing others towards maturity in Christ. Coupled with years at Bible College, Sarah is in action and ready for action!

Sarah O is a good sort! A contagious spirit of excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus flows from her. She attributes this to two profound events in her life: meeting Jesus, being baptised and receiving the Holy Spirit, and marrying Tony!

With her husband Tony, they have two children: Grace and Pasquale. While part of stout band of Thermomix devotees, she’d likely prefer to be in a bus travelling around Australia, stopping for the occasional run as she went!

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