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Our Book: Praying the Psalms

Late last year, The Big Table (the church of which I’m a part) published a book of reflections on the Psalms.

From our first gathering at The Big Table, we’ve begun our “all together” times with a simple practice: the reading of a psalm. Right through, 1 to 150. No awkward skips, just a steady wandering together through these often beautiful and exultant, sometimes angry and desperate, pieces of applied theology.

The thought is simple: we are the church. We gather as His people to worship, encourage, equip and minister to one another, then scatter on mission to love and bear witness to the person and work of Jesus as we follow Him.

The psalm idea was a simple extension, or potted expression, of God’s intent for us: Hear the Word, live the Word, do it together.

Week by week, one of us shares our reflections online and then begins our time together on a Sunday by reading the psalm that had been pause for worship through the week. ‘Praying the Psalms’ is a culmination of those weeks.

We sell the book for $35 (this almost covers the short-run print costs).

If you’d like a copy of Praying the Psalms, email