Something about perspective and Psalm 57

Something about perspective and Psalm 57

Perspective is a funny thing. Is it gained or attained? Why do things always seem easier to deal with in the morning?  Or after a coffee?  When I finally (yes, I’m the queen of procrastination) sat down to write this last night, I tried sitting at three different tables, changed the configuration of my lounge room twice and was eventually convinced that a cup of tea would change my ‘perspective’ on Psalm 57.

Life’s been pretty busy for us. Macca has been working crazy hours (plenty and long). He mostly experiences two environments, his workplace and his home. So, last weekend, he went for a hike on the Bibbulmun Track. It was a way of clearing away the clutter of daily life and seeing things differently; naturally, peacefully.  Along the track, he met a guy who had been out there for five days. A bit like David in the Psalms, he was fleeing from his own enemy: drugs.  At first, I found it incredible that 28 year old man had taken to walking for days in the bush to detox from his drug addiction but after a bit of thought, I could totally understand his reasoning. He was taking refuge in solace. As a last resort, he was removing himself from his situation to clear a space for some reflection and objectivity.

Truth is, I probably need to be a little more reflective and objective in my everyday life, but how do I do that without taking to the hills? And how do I try and avoid getting to the end of my tether?

What I’m digging most about David in Psalm 57 is his tenacious ability to trust in God’s love and faithfulness and as David awakes to a new dawn he vows to praise!

David’s prayer for deliverance is followed swiftly by his assurance that God CAN and indeed desires to deliver him from his enemies.  He confidently anticipates that God will answer him and he gives good reasons for wanting an answer!

My heart is steadfast, fixed or cemented in the knowledge that you are God.

All cause for fear has been removed.  David believes that God’s infinite mercy and truth are the very foundation for praise and the assurance that God has promised to send these down from heaven for us is the thing that keeps him motivated to praise.

It’s inspirational. If I can keep gaining a better picture of God’s infinite love and goodness by waking up each morning as a vessel of praise, it might just kick start things for the day.

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