Something about my boy getting married

Something about my boy getting married

Tomorrow, my firstborn will tie the knot.


I think of all that marriage is – the joys and griefs that reach to your core.

Slightly apprehensive anticipation.

It’s trivial, but I think of the relentless hours buying wedding clothes – finally done.


And then I think of the man he is.

Such, deep, gratitude.

I think of all that he has taught me since I delivered him, all bloody and screaming.

He taught me early that a child is not an extension of his parents. He is his own. We parents hold a sacred trust for a few years – to love and to nurture, to help our children become what God has placed in them to be.

He taught me the delight of being forgiven by a small child.

He taught me that cubby houses are the best kind of houses.

He taught me how important it was for me to honour his mother so that he would too.

He taught me to ask questions, hard questions about God, without losing faith or wonder.

He taught me that, sometimes, a truce is necessary.

He taught me that God cares enough to answer our prayers.

He taught me that ‘fads are not part of the Kingdom of God.’

He taught me how small I am. Well before he was taller than me, he drove home the fact that my resources are exhausted long before the parenting job is done. Clear direction AND bewilderment, prayers of faith AND tears, love AND failure, fun AND fury – they’re all part of the deal. Equally needed.

I discovered that a father could be delighted beyond words in his son.

I think of how as a baby I blessed him as a man who would alter the world where he lives, in the name of Christ.

I think of him coming to his own rigorous belief in the Lord Jesus, of his deliberate choices to follow Him, and of the robust faith, he earnestly seeks to live in the rough and tumble of life.

I think of how while he was still a small child I used to pray for the woman who would be his wife. And I find myself wondering what is just over the hill, wanting to run to the peak and peer over the next rise to see what is coming for them.

And then, I think of the man – a good man. And of his woman – a good woman. And of their God – the Good God.

And I think, this will be good…

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