Something about authors

Something about authors

Do you want to learn something about someone? Read what they have written.

I never used to read, and I never used or write. I always felt both fell into the category of a waste of time, even a chore in which I had zero interest. I felt video games, or housework was a better investment of my time. It’s entirely possible that this had something to do with failing Year 11; something about an inability to create a well-constructed sentence.

I’m still not the best speller, but would happily claim to be much more capable than my past self.

Reading fell into the same category. I wasn’t patient enough to digest what I was trying to read. Most of the time I would skip whole words and sentences, just to find a particular word to answer a question.

It’s funny how things turn out. Now I do both for absolute pleasure. I find reading relaxing, and writing one of this life’s great adventures, and even greater challenges.

These days, I feel both have become a calling; one that I think God has had His hand on for a while. I’m still not that great at either, but I can’t help feeling a passion grow in me each time I commit the activities.

I still fight God in this. When I don’t write, I feel like I’m missing out on a critical part of who I am. Not guilty, just a little sad.

As it is now, I’m part of a group of God-loving people who post each day. This writers’ collective has chosen to give our personal stories of how God has shaped our lives, and the lessons and blessings we feel we need to share with the world.

Outside of our unity in Jesus, I wouldn’t say I know the other contributors that well. Some I have met and some I haven’t. Not yet, anyway. As I read their posts, though, I get to know them more.

I get to know a part of who they are. A sense of familiarity grows in me for the writers. Even though I haven’t met some of these human beings, I feel I am getting to know them on a very personal level. I am getting an insight into what they stand for. I get a snippet of their personality and a glimpse into their lives.

These people are vulnerable in sharing themselves. I respect them greatly, for not only giving me the freedom to look into their life but for having a clear and profound moral stance in this world or brokenness. I’m grateful that they give readers a little more hope in a darkened world. I trust them because they do everything they can to look at life from God’s perspective.

They write to give hope. They write as prayerful catalysts, for God to enter the lives of any reader that allows Him. It is why they write.

The first book I ever read, outside of school, was a Bible that my girlfriend gave me. On the day I began reading God’s Word, everything – the accumulative whole of my existence – made more sense. I knew things – about good and bad and the grey in between – but once I read the Word of God, everything blew up. In a great way.

I married that girlfriend. We’ve just had our first son.

We are strangers because we know nothing about each other. Most individuals that read this won’t know who I am. You cannot know anything about me without me first telling you something about myself. It is what I love about writing and reading. You get relationship, insight, connection, advice and information that you may not otherwise have.

The Bible is God’s autobiography. Unlike most other autobiographies, God’s story is entirely inclusive of us. It’s about how God is everything we could ever need or want. It’s about how God wants us to know Him so we can know who we are—a love story that gives every single person a better view of life’s greatest gift, Jesus’ sacrifice, so that we can be whole again.

No matter how far we try to get away from the Love of God and the story we are destined for; God won’t stop writing us into His greater novel.

Why do I write? I write to make a difference. I write because I know God has given me this overwhelming desire to share who I am and what I have learnt about the world in which I live. I write because God changed my life and took my weakness and showed me that I am more than my failures.

I write to show that God has not given up on a single person on this planet.

Do you want to know something about a person? Read something that they have written.

Read the posts here and you’ll learn much about those writing. They are giving away a part of who they are and what they believe. They are putting themselves out there, in faith, that God has everything within loving reach.

We write about God because God first wrote about us. We love God because God first loved us.

All relationships require information. Information about you and the other individual. I love to get into the nitty-gritty of a person’s life, the salt of a person’s personality. Give me a no-holds-barred conversation about what is crushing or uplifting a person’s soul and I’m in.

God is the same. But God is not limited by selfishness, uncontrolled rage, hate, malice or anything that destroys. Relationship is fundamental to the character and persons of God.

God has changed my life for the better. I’m certainly not perfect, but I’m not as sad and lost as I used to be either.

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