Something about Synesthesia

Something about Synesthesia

I am eleven and I have Synesthesia. Only 4% of the world has it. There are five elements: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear and Taste. I have two out of five. If you’ve never heard of the word, then you are probably wondering what Synesthesia is? Well, I can see and hear colours. Yes it’s true and yes it is possible.

I found out about it three years ago when I told my mum that each letter had a colour. I was wasn’t sure why I was afraid of telling her but I think it was because deep down I hadn’t realised that I was different! I thought everyone saw in colours. In this period of three years, I have changed schools and made new friends. I never told them about Synesthesia because I was embarrassed.

Last week, our family were sitting at the dinner table talking about my Synesthesia. We had not spoken about it for awhile. Mum was asking if I still see in colours and asked me what colour all her friends were? She thinks this is fun. She was so surprised that only 4% of the world had it which means only about 1Million people in Australia have it. She told me that she thought it was a gift from God.

The next day at school I was sitting at my desk with my friend. We were drawing a poster about school camp.  I wrote ‘Camp’ at the top and then ‘Fun’, ‘Laughter’ and ‘Friends’. My friend looked at me and then she said

“Hey, Willow, don’t you think that the word Camp looks Orange” and I paused for a bit before I said,

“Um, keep going” and then she said,

“Well look…..” She pointed to the poster and said,

“Like… Camp is orange and Fun is Orange and Laughter is like a yellow green”.

I burst into tears.  I was so happy that I had found someone who had Synesthesia. She was surprised at my tears and asked me what was wrong? I told her nothing was wrong but I did ask her if she had Synesthesia and she said yes!

It was the happiest day ever.

I really felt like God was talking to me in that moment saying “Willow, you’re not alone!” and the reason I know it was God speaking was simply because, my friend and I are the same age, we are in the same school and in the same class and we are sitting right next to each other!

What are the chances of that?






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    Katherine Huxley

    What an amazing God we have Willow. I love that God shows each of us in our own special way that He cares about us. Mine involves finding hundreds of ladybugs all over my car one day. With tears in my eyes I thank God that He has shown you in a special way how much he loves you. We love you too precious girl.

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