Something about the mystery of relationships

Something about the mystery of relationships

There’s a common belief that those who commit their lives to their faith, order their steps by godly law, and live each day seeking the grace and mercy of God, sets them apart in this world.

The truth, however, is that no amount of assumed paradigm, no set of rules, system, or boundaries can define God or his purpose for mankind. We have been set apart as individuals, loved from the beginning of creation, but live in the inherited sin of Adam.

Redemption isn’t about repentance or forgiveness, it’s about the mystery of God’s relationship with us.

God created perfectly out of perfect love.

Once He created man, who could say “No”, God gave up his right to control. God’s character and nature is Love in its fullness – abundant, pure, unlimited and not based on any rules or regulations.

God doesn’t want control moderated by force. He doesn’t want to force us to love, he wants us to choose relationship. A relationship always moves from control to mystery.

God didn’t send Jesus to make people Christians or start a new religion. Instead, Jesus came in human form to relate and be accessible for a relationship. He’s there always – in dark times, in times of doubt, and in good times.

God’s love isn’t based on behaviour, choices, actions or relationships; but Mercy and Grace, love and protection. Protecting his children.
Within my mind, I have fallen into the trap of defining or even blaming God, for the things that happen.

“Whatever happens its God’s will”, “Whatever will be, will be. It happens, and since God is in charge, it must be part of Gods plan”.

The truth, however, is that when the first wrong choice was made, and the lie followed, the relationship and safety of God’s love was broken.

God’s perfect creation was separated from him. God has never produced evil havoc on us, never tested us by putting harm in our way, that was all mankind’s doing. Sin was a choice, and so it remains as such. A choice made to separate us from our relationship with God.

Humans instinctively move towards wanting to control everything around us so that the things we fear won’t happen. We know that control is a myth, that one rogue cell or another person’s choices can instantly change the direction of our lives, but we still fight for it and even demand it. So, if we can’t have control, we fall back on God who we want to be in control, and can consequently be blamed. What we choose to participate in is up to us, God has given us free will to make that choice.

There is no sense of control in the relationship among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we were created inside the same love and relationship. We should believe in the safety of that relationship, moving from the inside out and not always looking from the outside in searching for answers. Control does not originate in God, but submission does.

We can feel aggrieved that we never had a choice as Adam did, but remember that he has made a way, by separating his relationship with his Son and the Holy Spirit, and sending Jesus in human form to show us what true agape love looks like in the flesh.

Jesus dispelled the lies of nationalism, race, creed, culture, ego, differences in humanity and celebrated and exposed them through love.

He knew brokenness, he knew separation, he knew about being alone, he chose to be tempted in the wilderness, and he agreed to live through all of them for us. God chose to become human for each of us.

I find it impossible to see God or the Holy Spirit. There is no imagery for me that is a true picture of my God. All I know is that God chose Jesus to come in the form of a man so that we could relate to him.

God is neither male or female, just the fullness of the trinity. Any man-made imagery, words or affirmations could never capture his nature.
He cannot be put neatly in a box, and the only time we find him in one is when we put him there, and you know he goes there because he never leaves us and wants to be near.

He doesn’t require atonement, penance or good words or deeds, he just wants us to know his love.

God will go down any road to find us. He came for every last one of his lost kids. No matter what happens in our lives, God is always there with us, through thick and thin – waiting, listening and ready to help when we call. This is the mystery of relationship. The part where we don’t know what to do, think or believe, but instinctively feel his presence.

God is always present, always ready to reach out in love, but he doesn’t usually act until we ask.

Each time a child is born into this world, he doesn’t see the lineage or circumstances, he sees another child of his to love and cherish.

He sees the very heart, he sees the lies, he recognises the failures, he sees through carnal thoughts and actions, and he remains constant in his love.

Secrets in our lives are openly known to him. Exposing those secrets is our choice, nothing revealed in love can be held against us. There’s nothing that God cannot plant a seed of faith into which will not grow into goodness.

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ can work through me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Being present each moment with God, consciously or unconsciously, will help you remain in the Grace of the day.

In Japan, there is an art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver called Kintsukuroi. Pieces are never thrown away, but each piece is restored by a master craftsman, into a perfect whole, joined by precious metals.

Facing up to life’s challenges and becoming whole, means knowing and living in the mystery of a relationship with God’s love.

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