Something about Psalm 121 (and the Scots)

Something about Psalm 121 (and the Scots)

On Friday 2 June, a group of the YWAM BSN Crew (Bible School for the Nations) gathered to investigate and inhale the Psalms together. One of the practical applications of this time was examining Psalm 121 and penning your own version. This was the version of a wee Scottish lass, Carole Dean. Too good to go unpublished…

My Psalm 121 (Best read with Scottish intent!)

I looked up and saw the beautiful green hills
The sharpe cold wind caught my breathe
I thought who will gee me a hund up
this difficult brae
Then I remembered you, my Lord,
who made this bonnie land
Ah! I can see you made the sky, the glen, the river
the wee folk in their wee hoose, there butt and bens
Do you noo geeze us a hand?
Ah! Lord! It’s soo hard!
My foot keep slipping doon
Slip, slop, there it goes
Dinnae go ta sleep noo!
I need ye, keep awake
I can cuddle doon and rest in thee
Like a bairn snuggled doon ta sleep
My rest is in thee
For you my Lord keep me; safe in your hand
The sun oot, blazing again
beating doon on me
I’m fair warm !
Cover me, so it noo touch me,
Like a blanket in the night, that stops me shivering,
is you love for me
I’m feart Lord, my heart is pounding
my mouth dry, my lips are quivering
I need you!
The keeper of my faith.
Evil, lurks around me,
like fog on a dreary night,
It hangs aboot, taking my very breathe
But you my Lord, shall keep me safe
not just in the silent moments,
in the stillness of the night
but on that day and every other day,
that I should live,
on this, dear earth of yours.

For some more on Psalm 121, visit here.

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