Something about loving ALDI

Something about loving ALDI

For serious, I love ALDI.

I love having many fewer decisions to make. I’ve been shopping at ALDI since they opened in June, and I am not kidding; my brain and my soul feel more at peace because every week when I do the grocery shopping, there’s just so much less to choose from. You want dried oregano? You’ve got one choice. You want Vegemite? Only comes in one size. You want organic/vegan/gluten-free/food-of-the-fashionable-moment? They have a selection, but you can walk past fast if you prefer.

Also, they seem to be doing a great job at sourcing locally. Here’s a little inside baseball for you: deregulation of the potato industry in WA means that at least one of the major grocery chains is bringing potatoes in from South Australia. This is perfectly legal, they’re allowed to do that: but there are real biosecurity risks, and the travel is not so great for potato quality. At ALDI, I’ve always been able to find prominently labeled West Australian potatoes. This makes me happy.

I’m saving money too – something like 30% on our food spending when I’m on my game. And I’m only recycling a portion of that into their centre-aisle specials. It will surprise no-one in my family to find that the greater part of their Christmas presents have been sourced from ALDI. I imagine the greater surprise will be if I don’t gift them all ALDI trolley tokens as well

ALDI comes up in nearly every conversation I have at the moment. There’s so much I love about it. It’s made such a difference in my life in so many ways. I know other people are skeptical, but I just really want them to know that it’s there, and it’s awesome.

This is how I feel about Jesus, too, only even more. I think that’s been the best thing about my ALDI experience – I’ve been reminded of what it feels like to love something so much that you can’t help talking about it, even when people think you’re ridiculous. I’d forgotten, or gotten cautious, or something. How weird, and how wonderful, to be reminded of that by a grocery store. Or – not really by a grocery store. Really, by a God who is there, in all of my life, teaching me wisdom and giving me grace.

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