Something about the war room

Something about the war room

His is the final word, right?
He is our salvation, our righteousness and truth?
He is the beginning and the end?
The alpha and omega?

Each day, I feel like I am entering a war zone.
Every thought, belief, and moral fibre of life challenged like never before.
Perhaps I have gotten it all wrong, and tomorrow will break the cycle of doubt and numbness.

There was a movie entitled ‘The War Room’, I haven’t seen it but I’m told, it dealt with Christian ethics according to the Bible, and the humanistic alternatives seeping every day into our society.

There was a strong sense of fighting for life in the storyline.
Of learning to fight for the right to live, according to God’s truth.
A call to dare to pray dangerously, deeper and wider than ever before, and to be courageous in belief.

We are led to believe in the media that our fight is against people, ideology, cultures, beliefs, minorities and radical groups led by outspoken leaders’ hell bent on power.

But the fight, all fights, are spiritual wars daily attacking the truth of God’s word.

It’s not a call to war that grabs you with enthusiasm, nor one that I wake each morning cheering ‘Bring it on God!’. But perhaps I should, perhaps that’s what’s needed. Not bowing to the establishment, but rather taking up the call to war through prayer.

Standing on the sideline, listening and pondering all the rhetoric and roars of injustice, all the manifestation of human reasoning and pontification, is so passive. When did I err from the basics of truth, grace, faith and hope?

Every minute of the day, I’m bombarded with conversations and articles that challenge and question my very existence in this world. I am told to show compassion, be liberal in my thinking, and not to follow the norm, the uneducated bigotry, and the hatred of certain individuals, or groups. To make my voice heard, and to expose wrong.

Life has taught me so much. My patchwork of events, life stages and learned behaviour has moulded me into who I am now, today, this minute, typing these words, sharing, opening myself to both positive and negative reactions. Life was so much easier, straightforward and peaceful before the instant avenues of communication like Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram. The constant buzzing of new notifications on my smart phone constantly resound in my head, shattering my thoughts.

It has taken me some time to come to a place where I can separate what I read, hear and experience as the truth. Today, we are so well versed in seeking all kinds of help from all sorts of people. Accepting their rhetoric advice without question, agreeing with opinions without testing the motive, the spirit or the eventual outcomes and consequences.

In truth, we have become a well-tuned society of self-helping, self-sufficient, and self-effacing citizens.

If we need our minds and emotions to be calmed and ordered, we go to a psychiatrist or a therapist. We then become well-adjusted.

If we are sick or needing relaxation, we go to a doctor or health spa.

If we work all the hours God sends, forget our health, family, friends, communities, we become wealthy.

If we join a club, we become socially cohesive.

When did we forget the power of God’s grace and mercy? When did deviate from the truth of his Word?

God is the author and source of all truth, and yet in my so-called Christian life, I have forgotten this too many times.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
 And lean not on your own understanding;
 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)

Mankind, and even some churches, are flying the banner of man-made theology, and it is attracting hordes of people by blurring the lines of truth.

The message is kept intentionally ambiguous in order not to alienate anyone who might find God’s word challenging or counter to their lifestyle. God is the author and source of all truth, and I must believe, and live that truth as my calling.

There is no truth but His truth.

Truth is objective, not subjective. Truth is absolute and not a sliding scale. The truth is not open to being redefined to make it more winsome to believers. The truth may not seem politically correct because it does not tell people who cling to false versions of the truth, that they are safe in believing lies. Truth is not trendy.

God’s truth is our tool to love people by remaining faithful to that Truth; the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

The ultimate Truth that cannot be compromised is that Jesus is our eternal hope. There are not many paths to God. There is only one, and that is through Jesus Christ, God’s son, who died for us.

Once, a long time ago, a Pastor from America visited our church. She had the gift of prophecy, and although I was sceptical at that time about prophesy, it was my first experience of God speaking to me.
She spoke of many things, and in retrospect it has all come to pass, but the one thing that shook me then, and I hold onto even to this day, are these words;

‘Never fear what the devil can do to you, because he fears you far more. He fears your tenacity, your honesty, and your faith. Stand firm and face him with the truth that God has embedded within your heart.’ (Jan Painter)

Those words have been my weapons against so many times of doubt, grief, heartache, dark places; the spiritual battles have been many, but without a battle, there is no victory.

The call to war in prayer isn’t just a matter of crying out in despair. It’s separating the spirit, soul and body. It’s putting aside all the things that ‘seem’ right, smart, popular, compassionate, and seeking God’s truth.

It’s about laying ourselves bare before God and feeding the need for the truth in your heart. It’s about asking for the ability to understand and defend the truth. And it’s asking for discernment, and wisdom, to live by his truth in a secular world, knowing that to the very end, God’s will shall be done.


“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

My ‘Call to the War Room’ is praying dangerously; taking on the lies of the devil and learning to fight, standing in truth, asking God to search me, break me, use me and send me.

I’m not asking to avenge, but destroy; not react but act; not excuse my actions, but turn them into tools of truth.

I need my call to be, “lead me higher, deeper, wider into his everlasting Grace and Mercy.”

God’s truth is unequivocal, unambiguous, and unavoidable. Being a Christian today is a challenge like it’s never been. It’s standing apart – sometimes even from family and friends – and knowing that your calling is to speak, live, abide and give his Truth freely.

I have decided that my Call to War through prayer will lead me each day because that is my sanctity and Peace.

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